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About This Project

Eco Services, designs and manufactures prefabricated swimming pools perfectly inserted in the context of the garden in order to better respond to the tastes and needs of the customer. We prefer to use innovative systems to overcome the standards of resistance to degradation of normal prefabricated swimming pools. The structure is made of hot-dip galvanized steel panels with plastic coating to ensure the panel for over 50 years. This system allows you to have many shapes and sizes for both private and public use.

The novelty in the field of swimming pools is natural or “biopiscina”. Stones, sand and natural rocks replace the heavy cementitious materials, thus obtaining swimming pools that are perfectly bathing but naturally natural, similar to lakes or exotic beaches. This significantly reduces the impact on the environment, the timing of implementation by offering a garden furniture throughout the year and not just for the summer months. Furthermore, advanced sterilization and filtration systems are used, which allow transparent and sterilized water without the use of large quantities of chemicals.



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