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Having in your garden a swimming pool in which to swim, cool off and have fun on hot summer days is the dream of many. ECO SERVICES helps you in making this dream designing for you a piece of furniture unique and exclusive! The accurate design, carried out by experts in the field, takes into account all the needs of customers and their spaces to provide a product perfectly compliant to individual needs. We customize our projects and consequently the finished product based on shapes and dimensions that best fit the spaces in which the pool will be built.



We create pools steel mounted in work that adapt perfectly to the context of the garden. For the realization we use panels in steel galvanized that guarantees a greater resistance of the swimming pool. The coating is made with panels in PVC , a material characterized by a notable elasticity and maximum hydraulic seal . The PVC sheet guarantees excellent waterproofing and is made of customized color. Furthermore, our pools are characterized by the reinforced concrete base which ensures a prolonged duration over time.



The pools we make are resistant and earthquake proof . We also offer a complete service to our customers. In fact, the product you will receive is “ turnkey “, which includes connections, pumps and everything you need to make your pool complete and ready to go ‘use .



Once we have built our swimming pool we must not forget to take care of it with adequate maintenance and punctual cleaning . That’s why ECO SERVICES helps you keep your pool always at its best and takes care of the maintenance that follows the realization.


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