About Us - Eco Services - Dealing with green since 1988
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The Company

ECO SERVICES has been dealing with green since 1988. Its founder Giuseppe Traini together with his wife Luisa gave life to the company that today has become a fundamental reference point for those who love nature and green spaces.
Attached to the headquarters in the Campolungo industrial area in Ascoli Piceno, the Garden Shop ECO SERVICES sales point is always active, with a surface area of 30,000 square meters for the display and sale of plants and flowers, decorations and artefacts, products and equipment for gardening.


Where there is green there is life! In keeping with this concept, ECO SERVICES has become a leader in the creation and care of private, public and sports green areas.
ECO SERVICES provides a complete service to its customers ranging from design to maintenance, through implementation. Private citizens, public bodies and sports associations ask for advice, supplies and assistance for their green spaces and ECO SERVICES is in a position to perform any kind of request.

Seasonal cycles and the environment affect our lives in many ways and if we want to maintain a natural balance we need more ecological sensitivity. ECO SERVICES, since the beginning of the activity provides an essential service of prevention against natural disasters caused by neglect, designs sustainable work and creates environmentally friendly environments.

To see your garden grow and flourish, the equipped green space, as well as the playground, is certainly an experience that makes us reconcile with nature. Entrusting design, construction and maintenance to ECO SERVICES is equivalent to ensuring over time the durability and beauty of all green spaces.
With an eye to nature and with limited investment, everyone can quietly enjoy the many wonders that nature reserves in every season and in every environment.


With the certification by Certi Euro of the certification body of the systems, ECO SERVICES guarantees its customers a quality management system certified by an external organization of reference, as well as the attestation of conformity in the awarding of public tenders.

ECO SERVICES has obtained the UNI-ISO EN 9001-2008 certification for the Quality Management System No. 0945-301-Q, confirming the reliability of the working procedures used.

ECO SERVICES has obtained the SOA certification for Qualified Builders Public Works, certifies that Eco Services is in possession of the requirements to perform a public work.


We work close to the client trying to understand what he needs to fulfill his wishes

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