Sport - Eco Services
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ECO SERVICES is a company specializing in the creation of sports fields in natural grass, synthetic, resin and clay. . At ECO SERVICES we take care of the soil preparation , through fertilization and irrigation. We also perform rapid interventions through ready meadows, obtaining a turf without the need to seed it. For this type of processing we are specialized in creating a completely smooth and compact surface , suitable for the laying of the artificial carpet.



ECO SERVICES deals with the creation of sports fields from golf, rugby, tennis, basketball, volleyball, beach volleyball, baseball, football and soccer . Each type of field, depending on the sport for which it is intended, is worked and implemented differently. Customers who turn to our company will receive the complete field of every detail and accessory and then immediately ready to use .



The turf of a sports field undergoing improbable loads and loads, needs to be regenerated periodically. To keep the grass in good conditions and always ready to use, we carry out different types of processing:

– Punctures with a special Vertidrain machine

– Airing

– Cutting turf

– Fertilizers

– Risemine

– Sandblasting

– Phytosanitary treatments